Are you ready for Halloween?

smiley pumpkin faceIt’s pumpkin time!

I don’t mean that it’s Halloween – now is the time to plant pumpkin seeds.  Pumpkins are great fun for kids.  The seeds are large, germinate quickly and grow into impressive looking seedlings in a short enough time to keep youngsters interested.  A nice, ripe pumpkin is the essential decoration for Halloween, better still is for the kids to have grown it themselves.   It’s cheaper too.  As well as being decorative, pumpkin flesh is edible, there are tons of recipes out there for soup, pies and cakes.  I have to confess though, the first (and only) time I cooked pumpkin soup it tasted awful.  Doesn’t say much for my culinary skills does it?!

Our complete pumpkin kit is available here

Our village runs a pumpkin competition every year with prizes for the heaviest pumpkin and a ‘guess the number of seeds in the winner’ contest afterwards.  This would be a great fun activity for a school or playgroup to run.   The only downside is that the plants can grow quite rampantly and need lots of water.  Creative gardeners in small spaces have grown pumpkin vines up strong trellis frames to save space.   

So get some seeds and get growing!

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  • Louise Edgeworth