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Seedcells: Make growing seed simple and accessible, and spread a little joy along the way

Alice Kirk

The first time a child tries growing from seed, success is a must if they are to develop a love for growing: there is nothing more disheartening for an excited child to find their seeds didn’t germinate, or were eaten by pests as soon as they sprouted.

We might have just the answer: Seedcells! Little cardboard pods with seeds enclosed inside. This clever packaging gives seeds the very best start: the environment inside the pod ensures high germination rates and offers some protection from pests, while encouraging helpful bugs that keep the seed, and the soil, healthy.

All you need to do is just pop the pointed triangle cell into some dirt, and wait for your seeds to sprout. The cardboard triangle soaks up water and delivers this directly to the seed. After the seeds have sprouted, the cardboard biodegrades leaving both you and the environment happy.

Following on from the great success of the ‘Grow your own Christmas trees’ range we stocked in the run up to Christmas, we have a range of Seedcells for the spring. Seedcells come in lots of child-pleasing varieties: pumpkins, sunflowers, tomatoes, cucumbers and courgettes. All these seeds have excellent germination rates and produce rewarding plants in a reasonable time. The tomatoes are the wonderful ‘Gardener’s Delight;’ a much-loved variety that grows beautifully in a hanging basket or a large pot. The cucumber is the reliable outdoor variety ‘Marketmore,’ which we’ve grown here at GFK for years.

As if these fabulous little Seedcells couldn’t get any better, they’re designed, developed, tested and manufactured right here in Great Britain. The manufacturers are committed to the environment, using locally sourced, recycled materials as much as possible to cut down on carbon dioxide emissions. They rigorously test all their materials for soil-friendliness, and use no peat in their products. What’s more, the outer paper packaging is fully recyclable. Waste free from start to finish!

You can pick up your Seedcells for just £1.20 each. That’s cheaper than most packets of seeds! Don’t miss our springtime special offer, where you can get two packets of Seedcells inside a spring-themed felt bag with a little extra chocolate treat – available for a limited time only!

What better way to get your children excited about gardening?

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