Watching the grass grow?!

Every neighbourhood has that one house or garden that lets the rest down. You know the one I mean: the house that needs a lick of paint, or the one with the slightly untidy garden. Well I’m ashamed to admit that that garden was mine a few days ago. I returned home to finally notice that the grass in our front garden had grown so long and unkempt that the time really had come for me to do something about it.

Now, of course, the grass had not grown to epic proportions overnight, but it certainly felt like it: wasn’t it only yesterday that we last mowed it?! Well it got me thinking: how quickly does the grass grow?

The rate of grass growth – and indeed growth of any plant – depends on lots of factors, including grass species, weather conditions, presence of grazing animals, nutrient availability and time of year. With all of these factors in mind, bog-standard grass grows anything between 2 and 6 inches per month. That’s quite a lot!

The very wet weather we’ve had, coupled with the mild temperatures and intermittent sunshine has created a warm and humid atmosphere that is perfect for boosting grass growth. So, rest assured: even if your lawn has grown out of control in what feels like only a few days… your neighbours’ might have done too!

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  • Alice Kirk