Bulbs are synonymous with autumn planting and spring flowering. Our most beloved flowers come from bulbs: snowdropbs, crocuses, tulips, and of course, the daffodil. Nnot all bulbs are for burying in the autumn; many actually prefer spring planting, like lovely dahlias.

Whether you're planting in autumn or spring, bulbs are incredibly easy to grow grow with children. Just dig a hole the right depth, pop the bulb in the right way up, and bury. Then watch as the emerge into beautiful flowers the next season. Another advantage is they're big enough for small hands to hold, a quality that many seeds lack.

The bulbs in this collection are specillay designed to be good for pollinators, as well as look absolutely gorgeous. Great fun for kids to plant, great food for hungry butterflies, great view for mum and dad. Wins all round!

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