My Living World

Nick Baker's My Living World range is an amazing way to get up close and personal with our beloved minibeasts such as ladybirds, worms, and ants. With forewords and information booklets by naturalist Nick Baker, children will learn all there is to know about these amazing creatures.

Experience the magic of your own worm or ant farm. Watch as these remarkable creatures go about their fascinating lives.

Alongside the fascinating live animal kits, staples such as flower presses and bird feeders have been creatively reimagined to inspire and educate young children. The Instant Flower Press makes beautiful flower art in a matter of minutes, and the Bug Safari has been expertly designed to keep the bugs safe.

Whatever your children like, there's a perfect gift in this collection for any budding nature lover.

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Nick Baker's Worm World
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Nick Baker's Bug Safari
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Nick Baker's Ant World
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Instant Flower Press
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Bug Photography Kit
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