Planting for Wildlife

Planting for wildlife is easy! Native flowers are best, but even non-native plants make an amazing meal for pollinators and other insects. Mixes here have been specially designed for attracting wildlife.

The flowers in the Hedgehog, Bird and Bat Mix Seedballs are not eaten by these animals themselves, but attract insects that these animals eat. The Bat Mix contain a beautiful selection of highly fragrant night-scented flowers for night-time insects and moths. The Bird Mix have a gorgeous array of flowers that feed insects in the summer and provide seeds for our beautiful birds to enjoy in the winter.

The SeedBoms are a similar idea, with colletions of flowers aimed at encouraging wildlife. Easy to plant and easy to look after, you can't go wrong with these! They also make excellent gifts for smaller children who may struggle to pick up smaller seeds.

All these mixes are designed and made in the UK, with British seeds, meaning they make excellent additions to any garden without harming any fragile habitats.

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