Willsow Books

Willsow Books is the world's first-ever plantable children's book! They gained popularity after winning the backing from the BBC's Dragon Sara Davies MBE from the Dragons' Den in 2021.  

These books are made from recycled paper from post-consumer waste and 100% natural cotton to bind the books, which means every Willsow book is eco-friendly and fully biodegradable. 

Read a story, tear a page out, plant it in the ground and grow your own vegetables from the pages. Every page is embedded with seeds, so with Willsow Books, the end of the story is just the beginning. Choose from the four exciting stories. With crime-fighting, sleepy and kind characters that transform into delicious vegetables and herbs, this eco and family-friendly gift will be loved by all. 

Such a great way to educate kids on the importance of growing your own food and becoming more sustainable in 2022 and onwards.  

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