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How to Run a Pumpkin Growing Competition

Calling all primary schools! The benefits of gardening are extensive; it improves children’s emotional and mental wellbeing, educational outcomes and social relationships, and enhances pupils’ creativity and concentration (1).

The last week in May is perfect growing time – seeds germinate readily in the warmer weather, and there’s no need to protect seedlings from the cold. Perfect for pumpkins, in fact! If you're not sure find out guide to how to grow pumpkins with kids.

How to run a Pumpkin Growing Competition

  1. Pick a 'harvest' date and an attribute by which to measure the winner. This could be weight, diameter, colour, 'ugliness', or a combination!
  2. Distribute your seeds and let them know how to get involved and win.
  3. Sow seeds in late May/early June.
  4. Plant into the open ground or a very large tub in mid-June and water well over the summer.
  5. Watch as flowers fade to be replaced by pumpkins, which will grow steadily, ready to be harvested in October, just in time for Halloween.
  6. Measure the pumpkins using your desired attribute. This can be done in-person in a playground, or by parents at home.
  7. Pick your winner!

To help you get involved, we’ve put together a class set of Pumpkin Growing Kits exclusively for schools. The class set contains everything you’d need to run this pumpkin growing competition with your class, and includes a prize for you to give away to the winner.

Pumking growing kit for schools

Kits cost £90 (ex-VAT) and comprise:                                                                

If you’d like any recommendations or help deciding, we’re happy to help. Please contact us on 01440 847817, email us at, or request a call back.