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Wildlife World Friendly Bug Barn

Friendly Bug Barn


A delighful addition to any garden, this insect and bee hotel will provide a safe haven for all kinds of insects, including ladybirds, lacewings, solitary bees, butterflies and moths.

The Bug Barn has a central chamber which provides a safe refuge for insects at various times of the year, and a hinged lid to allow inspection and monitoring, or the insertion of nesting materials.

There are many holes drilled for small insects to reach the naturally insulated and safe inner chamber, as well as a slotted opening for larger insects such as butterflies.

How to use:
Attach to a wall or tree, 1-2 metres off the ground in a sunny, wind-sheltered spot, preferably near some pollinator-friendly plants. Comes with full instructions.

Made in England from sustainable FSC timber and painted with non-toxic green paint.

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