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Little Gardeners Moving Mimosa Growing Kit

Moving Mimosa Growing Kit


Children and adults alike will be fascinated by this incredible moving plant!  The scientific name is Mimosa pudica, but there are lots of common names – sensitive plant, ticklish plant, humble plant or bashful plant.  If the plant is touched, its leaves immediately close up and droop.  They return to normal a few minutes later.  You can see this amazing behaviour in this entertaining video  The leaves also close up and droop in low light levels – it looks like the plant goes to sleep every night!

Originally a native of tropical regions, Mimosa grows happily as a houseplant in the UK.  The seeds are large enough to handle and germinate quickly, making it an ideal first houseplant for children to grow.  Our complete kit contains seeds, compost, growing instructions, a pot, stickers, fun facts and activity sleeve.

Kit Contains:
Plant pot 2L
Mimosa Seeds
Growing Instructions
Decoration Stickers

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