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Nesting Box - 2 colours


These nest boxes offer birds a refuge from harsh weather during the winter and a safe breeding place during the spring and summer.  Nest boxes are also a great way to introduce young children to the importance of caring for our wild feathered friends.  This attractive design comes in 2 colours and is sure to look good in any garden setting.

Each box is constructed from slow-seasoned FSC timber, which has excellent thermal properties – keeping birds warm in winter but preventing them from overheating in the spring and summer.  These boxes have a small hole with a protector to keep out predators and are suitable for smaller garden species such as blue tits and coal tits.  The side of the box can be lifted up to allow for thorough cleaning of the box in the late summer after nesting birds have left.   The box may be painted annually using non-toxic water based paint to maintain its appearance.

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