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Where do I start?

Where do I start?

Children are naturally curious.  They want to get involved and try out things for themselves.  My daughters helped out in the garden as soon as they could and became adept at sowing, watering and transplanting.  My youngest used to love putting small plants into pots and firming the soil down; “tucking them into bed” as she called it.  It was natural for them because it was something we always did and I knew what I was doing.  The situation for non-gardening parents must be very different and somewhat daunting.

Let’s follow through this scenario:  your child comes home from school having done something fun in the school garden and says “Mum, can we grow some tomatoes? All my friends are growing them!”  Grow some tomatoes?  Of course we can.  How hard can it be?

Growing wildflowers with children

I'll investigate this next time in What Are Good First Flowers for a Child to Grow?

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