Gardening Equipment

There are certain things that every young gardener needs when out and about in the garden. However, these gardening tools and equipment are not always designed or suitable for children. That's where we come in! From children's gardening tools to watering cans, kid-sized gardening gloves to tool belts, we have everything your children need to make them feel part of the team!

The children's gardening tools are high-quality and brightly coloured, making it fun and exciting to be helping out in the garden with you. They have no sharp edges, and are very light, making them perfect for even young children.

Watering cans are a staple of any gardener, and kids love watering! These children's watering cans are bright, light and entertaining, meaning they can feel included whilst helping you out in the garden.

High-quality children's gardening gloves are few and far between - trust us, we understand your pain! These are the smallest rubber-palmed gloves we can find, and fit hands down to 3 years old. They are really great bright colours and come in 3 sizes, so you're bound to find small kids gardening gloves for any pair of hands.

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