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About Gardening For Kids

the gardening for kids family

We are a family team; Sarah, her parents Louise and Mark, and her sister Alice.

  • Sarah is the entrepreneur; she is the inspiration behind the site
  • Louise is the gardener; she tends our own garden and an allotment in the village
  • Mark is the computer-wrangler; a software engineer who has run several small businesses over the years
  • Alice is the wordsmith; she is a professional writer and looks after all the wordy stuff

We live in a small farming village in North Essex. Many of our pictures feature our own garden and allotment.

Children are instinctively curious, and love to join in with the adults around them. By providing them with their own tools and gardening clothes they will feel special. Give them their own seeds to grow, in brightly-coloured pots. Looking after the growing plants gives them responsibility, and a huge sense of achievement when they flower.

We hope that we help to inspire the next generation of gardeners!

This is our first foray into the world of online business; we hope you like what we have on offer. We aim to inspire children into the wonderful world of gardening. On our site, you will find educational, unusual and fun products and a wealth of information. If you have any ideas or suggestions we would love to hear them.

Find us on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Send us your pictures and let us know how you are getting on in garden!

Enjoy browsing and happy gardening!