Plant Pots, Planters and Propagators

Who says plant pots have to be brown and boring? We have a varied collection of bright, colourful and quirky plant pots for children and adults that will delight any gardener. Why not check out our fabulous, best-selling round bamboo plant pots or ladybird hanging basket here at Gardening for Kids. These are all children's plant pots, but are delightful for 'kids' of any age!

All children's planters here are designed to live outside, and weather very well. Some of our customers have had their critter planter for years, and they're still brightening everything up! The bee and ladybird hanging baskets are an amazing gift for kids, grandparents, nieces or even yourself!

We'd love to see pictures of your kids' plant pots all planted up - send us an email!

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