Kids just love bug hunting!  Whether you have a little twitcher, a budding bug hunter or intrepid nature explorer, you are sure to find the perfect gift for them from our collection for your little explorers.  Treat them to a bug net for bug collection, and bug viewer for bug and insect study. 

Let inquisitive young minds satisfy their curiosity with this collection of bug hunting kits, bug catchers, minibeast books, games and gardening equipment. Fun and educational, this collection is perfect for your little nature-loving explorer. Let the minibeast hunting begin!

Why not grow Painted Lady butterflies and watch your kids marvel as they develop from tiny eggs to beautiful butterflies? Or paint your own bug hotel and see what colourful creepy crawlies and bugs they can attract?

For younger kids and toddlers, we have sticker books and simple birdsong books - they're never too young to get involved with nature!

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