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3 Amazing Plants to Grow with the Kids

3 Amazing Plants to Grow with the Kids

Adventurous Plants for Adventurous Growers

For experienced gardeners, children's seed varieties can sometimes seem repetitive and unadventurous. But we can help! There are endless extaordinary plants that are both easy to grow and fascinating to watch, and we've chosen 3 of our favourites.

For the ultra-adventurous, check out our 'Grow Something Different' collection, featuring fascinating plants from around the world.


Check out our top 3 amazing plants:


1. Caterpillar Plant


Caterpillar Plant for Kids


Scorpiurus muricatus produces small, yellow flowers followed by strange, curled hairy seedpods which look just like hairy caterpillars! Grow Caterpillar plant now!


2. Cucamelons


Cucamelon Seeds


Cucamelons originate from Mexico where they are known as 'little mouse watermelons' and have a taste which is like cucumber and lime! Grow Cucamelons now!


3. Dancing Plants (Mimosa)


Mimosa Dancing Plant Seeds


Grow a plant that moves! Mimosa pudica is known as the 'sensitive plant'; the slightest touch will temporarily make the leaves fold up and stems collapse! At night too, the leaves and stems droop and make the plant look like it's gone to sleep.



For more incredible plants, check out the Grow Something Different collection. Let us know how you get on!

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