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Autumn at Gardening for Kids

Autumn at Gardening for Kids


Well, here we are in Autumn, although the weather here at Gardening for Kids headquarters is more like summer as I write this. It seems like yesterday when we were busily sowing seeds in Spring, anticipating a summer of fabulous fruit, veg and flowers.


The Gardening for Kids garden

A couple of notable firsts in the GFK garden – I grew ‘Roma’ tomato plants in the veg beds and was rewarded with weeks of non-stop plum tomatoes, delicious in salads or made into sauce.  Several jars of tomato chutney are maturing nicely too.  I wonder if the hot dry climate here in East Anglia is becoming more suitable for growing crops like tomatoes and peppers outside?

My first attempt at greenhouse cucumbers was a success too, steady crops of really tasty cues. Not all of them grew straight, we had some spectacular bent ones which my grandchildren called ‘nanacumbers’ and ‘cuebananas’.  Bendy cucumbers were clearly a novelty they were very keen to eat.  I’m trying not to think of the slugs which devoured all my cabbages, and the pigeons that pecked the kale into oblivion. Oh well, that’s gardening life.  Note to self:  build a brassica cage next year and buy some nematodes.

On the wholesale scene

In exciting news, we attended our very first trade show in Harrogate over the summer, and are thrilled that a number of retailers are now stockists of our own brand growing kits. This all helps us bring the gift of easy, fun gardening to as many families as possible. 

If you know any gift shops, farm shops or garden centres which may be interested in stocking our kits, they can find all the details in our Faire shop below:

Halloween and beyond...

Halloween is fast approaching and we're eagerly awaiting pictures of your carved pumpkin. There may well be a prize in store for the best one... watch out for an email from us!

We're busy developing an exciting new range of children's growing kits, which we aim to launch in the spring. Also, keep watching this space for a brand new website and some fabulous new children's gardening gifts coming to the website before Christmas.

Lots of warm autumn vibes!
Louise and the Gardening for Kids team x

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