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How can grandparents get children interested in gardening?

How can grandparents get children interested in gardening?

How can grandparents get children interested in gardening?

Grandparents are an essential part of a child's life – givers of unconditional love, undivided attention, fun and a source of inspiration! No wonder there is a special bond between grandparents and their grandchildren.  Gardening is good for everyone’s physical and mental wellbeing, but especially beneficial for children.  It is a unique opportunity to learn patience, kindness, where food comes from and about the many beneficial creatures which live in gardens alongside us.  It is an opportunity time to be out in the fresh air being physically active (good for grandparents too!).  Gardening is just one of many activities which can be enjoyed together, so if you are wondering how to get your grandchildren interested in gardening, here are some suggestions:



Take them to your garden:

This is an easy one!  Children love to imitate grown-ups, so take them with you while you work in your garden. Let them see you planting and tending your patch, they’ll be desperate to join in.  Chat to them and explain what you are doing. 

Buy them gardening tools and books:

Give your grandchildren their own special gardening tools, perhaps as a birthday or Christmas present.  A set of colourful child-sized hand tools, gloves, watering can and a bucket will just encourage them to dig in even more.  Children love stories, and the gift of a gardening book with likeable fictional characters will help to fire up their imaginations to do some gardening of their own.

Let them enjoy:

Sometimes just sitting back and letting children do their own thing is the best way of encouraging them.  Sit with them while they use their tools and do the planting just in case they need your help, but do not make them feel like they are at school. Let them enjoy learning on their own.

Choose fast growing plants:

Children don’t like waiting, but gardeners have to be patient!   If you are growing from seed, choose fast growing plants such as sunflowers, cress, pumpkins and vegetables.  Seeing seedlings pop up quickly is sure to keep them motivated and interested.

So, as a grandparent, you can play an essential role in making gardening fun and exciting, with health benefits all round.

Written by Sophia Roy for  Seal Beach senior in home care

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