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Gardening for Kids Peppers Growing Kit

What to Grow with Kids in January and February 2024

It may be winter outside, but inside it’s spring time! It might be too cold for seeds outside, even in a greenhouse, but there are a few varieties that can be sown now in order for amazing flowers, herbs, fruits and vegetables in the summer!

We at Gardening for Kids have put together a list of growing ideas for kids in January and February. All these seeds and growing kits are easy for kids to grow, and come with amazing instructions. The kids' seed growing kits recommended here will be a perfect accompaniment to half term and rainy days!


      Strawberry seeds can be sown inside all year round, and small plants nurtured until it's time to plant them out in May-June or Sept. Strawberry seeds are tiny, so take extra care not to bury them too deeply or they will not germinate. Just cover with the tiniest sprinkling of compost. A deluge of water from a watering can may uproot strawberry seedlings, so the best way to water strawberry seedlings (which are also tiny to start with!) is to place the pot into a saucer of water and wait for the top of the soil to become damp. As soon as this happens, remove the saucer. 

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      Gardening for Kids Strawberry Growing Kit

      Sweet peas

      Sow sweet peas now for lots of gorgeous cut flowers in the summer. Sweet peas are easy to grow and have a wonderful scent. Simply soak the seeds overnight before sowing in pots of damp compost. Sow inside in January and February, keep in a warm place inside, before planting out in May. Sweet peas are climbers, so have fun building them a climbing frame too!

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      Sweet Peas



      Tomatoes have a long growing season, so best to sow them inside early in spring. Late January to early February is ideal. Tomatoes are a good first crop for children to try, as they germinate readily in damp compost when kept on a warm windowsill. Cherry tomato varieties need no special pruning and will grow quite happily in a pot or growbag on a sunny patio.

      Not sure what type of tomato to choose? Check out our blog: What Tomato is Best for Children to Grow?

      Choose from our range of tomato seeds and growing kits

      Children's Cherry Tomato Growing Kit


      Peppers, like tomatoes, need to be sown inside in pots of damp compost in a warm place. Again, late Jan/early Feb is perfect. There are many varieties of peppers, all with their own taste and appearance, but we have picked the varieties that are easiest for kids to grow. They should give you amazing ripe fruits in the summer!

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      Gardening for Kids Pepper Growing Kit


      Herbs are brilliant, and can grow inside all year round, just put a few seeds in a pot on the kitchen windowsill. Really, really easy for kids to grow, and they smell amazing. Most herbs produce brilliant flowers that the bees absolutely love. You will be able to harvest a few leaves for cooking in just a few weeks. Popular varieties are parsley, chives and basil.

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      Children's Herb Growing Gift Bag


      Grow a plant that moves! The leaves and stems of Mimosa pudica will actually fold up and collapse when touched. Its leaves fold up in the evening and wake up in the morning! This fun plant can be grown inside as a houseplant all year round.

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       Let us know how you get on!

      Gardening for Kids x

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