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Pizza Toppings Growing Kit

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Have fun growing your own pizza toppings with this complete growing kit. Homegrown vegetables, herbs and salads taste so much better than supermarket ones, and are cheaper too! Children may very well be tempted to try something new if they have grown it themselves.

  • Easy for beginners - kit contains all you need, full instructions included
  • Lots of seeds - enough for several harvests so you can have yummy crops for months
  • Can be grown in the open ground or in large patio pots
  • Not just for pizzas - use the crops in other tasty dishes like bolognese
  • Eco-friendly kit - plastic-free gift bag, bamboo pots, peat-free compost disc, wooden plant markers, UK sourced and certified seed in plastic-free packs.

What's included? Inside the jute bag, you'll find four brightly coloured bamboo pots; four packets of seeds - basil, sweet peppers, cherry tomatoes and rocket; four coir discs; four plant markers; instruction sheet.

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