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Seedballs: An Exciting Way to Grow Wildflowers with Children

Seedballs: An Exciting Way to Grow Wildflowers with Children

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Here at Gardening for Kids, we are passionate about getting children into gardening and looking after wildlife. One way of helping the declining numbers of insects in the UK is to grow UK native wildflowers.  However, we know that for children to get hooked on seed growing they have to sow the seeds themselves and see results very quickly. Now that’s a bit tricky when it comes to wildflowers, for a number of reasons. Most wildflower seeds are very small, so are easy to lose or sow too deeply; a recipe for disaster! When sown correctly wildflower seeds often take much longer to germinate than other seeds like cress or sunflowers that children may have already grown successfully. It’s easy to lose interest in something you can’t see.

So when we saw the amazing Seedballs concept we knew that they would be perfect for helping children to succeed when sowing wildflowers.

Why Seedballs are great for children

  1. The balls come in an attractive tin or cardboard tube, an intriguing presentation for children.
  2. They are large enough for small children to handle, and can be found again if they are dropped.
  3. Seedballs don’t need to be buried, so children can see them on the surface of a pot or on the ground and monitor their progress.
  4. Watering them regularly is easy, as you can see where they were planted.
  5. Best of all, you can see the tiny seedlings emerging from the ball, which is incredibly exciting!

Growing Seedball - Gardening for Kids

We have had lots of really positive feedback from our customers, so we know Seedballs are a hit with little gardeners. The ones below were the Bee Mix and Butterfly Mix, grown by Katie with her 2-year-old son Stanley. Don’t they look amazing!

Gardening for Kids Bee Mix Seedballs Growing

Gardening for Kids - growing Seedballs

With a whole range of varieties to suit lots of different gardens, shop from our Seedballs range and help a little gardener plant something special to help endangered UK insects and mammals.

As a small independent family business, Gardening for Kids always strives to support other independent businesses which share our values. We have been so happy to work with Seedballs for the last 4 years.

Seedballs Range - Gardening for Kids

Check out the Gardening for Kids Seedballs Range here


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