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What to Grow with Children in March and April

What to Grow with Children in March and April

Spring is on the way, so you might be itching to get out in the garden.

With longer days and warmer temperatures, seeds can be sown outside in March and April in warmer parts of the UK. If early March is still a bit cold and stormy, it can pay to wait a couple of weeks until the weather becomes more spring-like.

Many different seeds can be started off in March and April ready for amazing flowers, herbs, fruits and vegetables in the summer and autumn! We at Gardening for Kids have put together a list of growing ideas for children in March and April.

All these seeds and growing kits are easy for children to grow, and come with comprehensive instructions, though if you're new to gardening, check out our Gardening for Kids Guide to Growing from Seed. The seeds and growing kits recommended here will be perfect for growing during the Easter holidays.

Hearty vegetables: Carrots

Carrots come in many different forms, why not try something a bit different – round carrots or rainbow coloured carrots? Carrots can be sown at regular intervals from mid-March until June, giving a succession of delicious carrots for a long period over the summer.

Children's Carrot Growing Kit

Check out our carrot growing kits and seeds

Fabulous Flowers: Snapdragons, Forget-me-nots, Wildflowers, Sunflowers

Now is the time to sow fabulous flower seeds for lots of gorgeous cut flowers in the summer. As well as looking wonderful, flowers provide essential nectar for pollinating insects such as bees and moths. If you are looking for an ideal first flower to grow with children, try snapdragons. Children are intrigued by the flowers which open up when squeezed gently. Bees absolutely love the flowers too. Snapdragons come in all different bright and pastel colours, and provide lovely variety of colour.

Aside from snapdragons, there are plenty of beautiful (and beneficial) wildflowers that can be grown too for a sea of colour all summer long.

Artist's Meadow Seedballs

Shop flower seeds

World Cuisine Growing Kits

Savour the flavour of Italy, India or Mexico with these brilliant growing kits. Everything you need to grow classic flavours of these amazing cuisines. 

World Cuisine Growing Kits

Your children will love getting involved in sowing, growing and nurturing these fabulously easy-to-grow varieties of peppers, herbs and chillies. And what better way is there to get them interested in where their food comes from and foods from around the world.

(Psst - you never know, they might even feel brave enough to taste something different!)

Taste the World!

Tasty green vegetables: Peas and Broccoli

Peas are easy to grow and delicious too!  Nothing beats the taste of fresh peas, straight from the pod. Peas can be planted every couple of weeks from mid-March to the end of June. A great first vegetable for children to try.  

Broccoli is a firm favourite with children and has beautiful yellow flowers if you leave it. Sow in March-April outside for crops in late summer.

Broccoli SeedCell Pea Seeds

Check out our Peas and Broccoli!

Let us know how you get on!

Gardening for Kids x

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