Native Wildflower Seeds

These beautiful wildflowers are nectar-rich, providing an excellent food source for our insects and pollinators. As well, by bringing insects, you also encourage larger animals like bats, hedgehogs and birds. By planting UK native species (harvested in the UK), you ensure that no invasive species or pests are brought in that could damage the fragile ecosystem. Combine all these benefits with stunning, brightly coloured flowers, and you'd be amazed at what you can achieve in any space.

Native British wildflower seed packets are specially designed by Suttons with research from the Woodland Trust, BBKA, Butterfly Conservation and the RSPB.

Whether you have a small garden, just a couple of window boxes, a shaded bed, or a large south-facing garden, there's a mix here for you - all designed to protect and support our fantastic British wildlife.

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