Homes for Wildlife

Many of our believed creatures are in decline, partly due to loss of habitat and lack of safe nesting sites. We believe very strongly in preserving our British animals, and hope that by inspiring young children to get gardening, we can inspire a wider love for nature. Only then can we ensure the protection of these creatures for years to come.

Homes for Wildlife gives a gorgeous selection of bug hotels for solitary bees, ladybirds, butterflies and other insects; attractive and quirky bird feeders; nest boxes for all kinds of garden birds; and even a home for hedgehogs. In this section there's also some flower and wildflower mixes to encourage birds, insects and mammals into the garden.

All these products make perfect nature-themed gifts for children.

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Hedgehog House
£28.00 £32.00
Dewdrop Bee/Bug Hotel
£19.50 £20.99
Bee Barn Bug Hotel
£18.00 £20.00
Sold Out
Ladybird Lodge
£16.99 £19.99
Yellow Butterfly House
£13.50 £15.00
Paint Your Own Bug Hotel
15 reviews
Paint Your Own Bird Box
9 reviews
Roost Nest Pocket
£8.00 £9.99
Ceramic Robin Bird Feeder
£10.00 £13.00
Hedgehog Mix Seedballs
1 review