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How to Plant Seedballs

Seedballs are really easy to plant, especially for children. Wildflower seeds can be tiny and notoriously difficult for children to grow. Seedballs, being a mix of 30-100 wildflower seeds in a little clay ball, make it much easier for children to handle, plant and look after.

How to plant Seedballs

Step 1: Select a pot or patch of bear earth. This can either be sunny or partially shaded (or full shade for the Shade Mix!), and on well-drained soil. Each tin contains 20 Seedballs and covers roughly 1 square metre.

Step 2: Simply place on the soil or compost roughly 10cm apart. No need to dig or bury! (We have found that they're even more successful if you crack the seedball ever so gently)

Step 3: Water regularly to aid in germination. This means daily in warmer weather; enough to keep them damp at all times.

Step 4: Watch and wait. These seedlings take 4-6 weeks to germinate, but will soon turn into a glorious patch of green! Patience is key. The Seedballs break down over time, revealing plants in their place.

Growing Seedballs

When to plant Seedballs

Most Seedballs are designed to be planted in the spring (March to June) or autumn (Sept-October). The key is to avoid frost and overly dry weather. Some varieties are for all year, like the salad and herb mix, and others are best planted in a particular season. Best sowing and flowering times are in the individual product description.

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