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Seedballs Shade Mix Seedballs

Shade Mix Seedballs


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A mix of wild flower species which will thrive in the shadier parts of the garden and be attractive to pollinators.

Red campion (Silene dioica): a medium to tall perennial with rose pink flowers, height 30 - 100cm, in flower March to November.

Meadowsweet (Filipendula ulmaria): a tall grassland perennial with clusters of creamy white flowers, height 60 - 90cm, in flower from June to September. 

Bellflower (Campanula trachelium): a medium to tall perennial with beautiful bell-shaped blue flowers, height 50 - 100cm, in flower June to September.

Forget-me-not (Myosotis arvensis): a short annual with blue-grey and occasional pink flowers, height 10 - 50cm, in flower April to October.

Oxeye daisy (Leucanthemum vulgare): the largest member of our native daisy family, this tall grassland perennial has distinctive white petal flowers and yellow floret, height 30 - 90cm, flowers seen from May to September.

Ragged robin (Silene flos-cuculi): Beautiful tall perennial with raggedy red flowers, height 30 - 50cm and in flower from June to July.

Meadow buttercup (Ranunculus acris): The tallest of our native buttercups, meadow buttercup has distinctive yellow petals and grows to a height of 5 - 100cm, flowering from April to October.



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