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That's a wrap!

That's a wrap!

It is now coming to the end of the planting season, and the end of our first season at Gardening For Kids. Since opening exactly 2 months ago, we’ve been taken aback by the amount of interest in our site and social media pages, as well as pleasantly surprised that we have had multiple orders!

We have 216 likes on our Facebook page, and 60 followers on Twitter (with >90 tweets). We will soon be delving into Pinterest and Instagram. We’ve got 11 blog posts ( and counting, ranging from the first flowers for children to grow, to how to get rid of slugs! We’ve had 2 active site designs, and we’re working on a much more exciting one for the end of the summer! We also hope to have our very first Gardening For Kids own brand product out in time for Christmas!

We are still offering FREE DELIVERY ON EVERYTHING, as well as now being able to offer payment through PayPal. We hope to offer Apple Pay at the end of the summer.

As a family who are new to this, we appreciate all the help and interaction we get from our customers. If you have any pictures, tips, comments, product ideas, criticism, or anything you want to share with us PLEASE get in touch! We are so excited about the next few months, and we hope that you will be too!

Thanks for everything,

Sarah, Alice, Mark and Louise
Twitter: @gardeninforkids
Facebook: gardeningforkidsUK
Pinterest: gardeninforkids
Instagram: gardeningforkids

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